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Freedible's Top 10 Food Allergy Posts

Freedible's Top 10 Food Allergy Posts
There is so much to learn and do when you get diagnosed with a food allergy - the first question is where to begin! 

Our community of 300+ specialty food bloggers has been working together to create the web's first crowd-sourced collection of tips, stories, reviews and other know-how to help. It's a veritable , while proving that you're not alone!

Here are some of our favorites from among the hundreds shared on freedible thus far - come see the whole collection and sign up in our Food Allergy Dible to ask questions and join the conversation!

1. Raising a Teen with Food Allergies: First Kisses & Fighting Bubble Tendencies by Allergy Amulet

Raising a Teen with Food AllergiesFor all kids, the "first kiss" is one of those developmental milestones that says "wake up, Mom - adulthood is coming" - but how can you know you're child's prepared for all the added responsibility that will bring for a child with food allergies? In this beautifully-written piece, Allergy Amulet shares how she approaches the fine line between creating safe bubbles and empowerment. A great read!

2. When Faith and Food Allergies Collide by MIGlutenFreeGal

In this heart-felt post, MI Gluten Free Gal pulls back the curtain on how food allergies and celiac disease can affect the sense of connection and belonging that are at the heart of religious communities, along with tips for making sure religious traditions are safe and inclusive for all.

3. Empowering Food Allergic Teens to Dine Out by AllergyEats

Empowering Food Allergic Teens to Dine OutEating out can be nerve-wracking for anyone with food allergies, but sending your food-allergic teen out for their first restaurant meal without you takes nerves of steal! Food allergy champion and freedible friend AllergyEats shares 10 great, practical tips for setting your teen on the road to food allergy-safe independence.  

4. Help Others Help You for the Holidays by Aterica

Help Others Help You for the HolidaysAs part of our Thanksgiving conversation, Aterica shared these excellent tips for how to talk to your extended family about your food allergies, and the tweaks that need to be made to make holiday traditions work for your family.  An "evergreen" guide for the whole year through!

5. When Peanuts are Poison by No Nut Traveler

When Peanuts are PoisonFood allergies aren't just for kids - and how we treat our co-workers with food allergies makes an important statement about what the future will bring for our food allergic kids! Renowned food allergy and travel advocate No Nut Traveler shares how an employment discrimination raised alarm bells about the attitudes her food allergic child is likely to meet today and in the future. 

6. An Open Letter to Food Allergy Parents by Rebecca Sherrow

Our Community Manager, Rebecca Sherrow, shares her open ode, and call to arms, to food allergy parents everywhere: the unsung heroes of a generation on the frontlines of the food allergy epidemic. 

7. 4 Hours in Vancouver, British Columbia: A Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free Guide by The Allergy Free Wife 

24 Hours in Vancouver, British Columbia: A Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free GuideDidn't have British Columbia on your summer travel list? You will soon! Just scrolling through the snapshots in this photo-essay of food will get your get-up-and-go juices flowing. This is our kind of post: The Allergy Free Wife is not just sharing the hotspots that made her vacation a success, she's giving back to the small businesses who go the extra mile to help custom eaters be who, where and with whom we want to be!

8. Food Allergy Tips for Vegetarians by No Fear of Food

b2ap3 large dreamstime xs 27253822 225x300 20140615 221859 1What - you've got food allergies or intolerances and yet you're still thinking about going vegetarian? No Fear of Food provides tips you can take straight to the grocery store in this Nutrition 101 post!

9. The Ultimate Egg Substitute Comparison by Allergy Superheroes

Ultimate Egg Substitute GuideWe've become convinced there isn't much our friends at Allergy Superheroes wouldn't do to support families with food allergies, and that includes baking 18 cakes in pursuit of THE best vegan and nut-free egg substitute! And, being who they are they provide snapshots of the ingredient labels and everything (including a disclosure that they're working with a gluten-full cake mix to isolate out the binding properties of the egg subs). Come see the results for yourself - it's like a science fair project!

10. Vacation, Holidays, Business and More by LPHJ Kitchen

Vacations, Holidays, Business and More!Whether as an adult or a child, traveling with food allergies is tough - and Courtney from LPHJ Kitchen shares the most comprehensive travel tips we've seen! 

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