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Working with Betty...Betty Crocker that is :-)

Working with Betty...Betty Crocker that is :-)

Remember the book and movie 'Julie & Julia'?  I really loved that book and the movie was good too.  It brought out more of the foodie in me however I am a food restricted foodie and so are my family members.   Our restrictions are all different too!

Well, that makes my time in the kitchen very interesting.  On Tuesday I decided I would try a new chicken recipe and grabbed my husband's old Betty Crocker cookbook.  This is my version of Julie & Julia!  But for me I choose a recipe and create the meal with substitutions so we can all enjoy safely and healthily.  So I'm flipping through old Betty and find an oven fried chicken recipe.  I thought...'wow, lots of calories there' and 'so rich - bet it would taste really good'' followed by 'I'll have to work out extra hard the rest of the week!' 

So Julie & Betty got to work to create a gluten free, soy free recipe.  The recipe called for butter.  Since soy is in practically every margarine I went for it tossing 6 tbs of butter into the Pyrex to melt in the oven.  Betty likes her butter and called for 8 tbs of butter.  I admit this was a bit frightening to me so I did shave off a couple of tablespoons to save a few calories. 

Next I searched the pantry...there was a fresh bag of sweet sorghum flour.  Perfect!  I added the spices to it, whisked them together and viola...gluten free coating.  Once the butter was melted and the chicken pieces were coated I placed them in the hot Pyrex baking pan and let the butter bubble over the chicken.  The result?   It smelled a lot like butter in my kitchen that night BUT the chicken turned out crispy and delicious.  Everyone enjoyed it and it was safe to eat for all.  That is what I call relief.  Thanks Betty!

btw, I went to the gym the next day and worked out very hard, the same for the next day, and today I am going on a run to finish processing all of that butter before it sticks to my arteries.  I'll make that recipe again someday but not too soon.  Going with low fat for a while.



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