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The dreaded diagnoses

The dreaded diagnoses

I have not been officially diagnosed as being gluten intolerant, but I know that I am.  I have been gluten-free now for just a couple weeks and I am already feeling a difference in my body.  I have only had 2 headaches, where normally I would have had many. I probably could have avoided the 2 I had if I wouldn't have 'cheated' and had pizza and cake for my MIL's birthday last weekend.  My joints have ached less. The swelling in my hands and feet has been reduced.  I have had less cramping and bloating in my stomach as well. 

I have heard that you must be eating wheat when you go in to be tested for gluten intolerance and celiac disease.  So I am wondering if it's worth it to eat wheat again to get tested for something I'm already pretty sure I have or if I should just continue eating gluten-free?  I'd like to just continue eating gluten-free and enjoy feeling better and go on my merry way, but if there is a bigger problem (celiac disease) do I NEED to know?  Do they treat that differently?? I mean, I know you have to be more careful eating things, but I'm really careful already. 

What are your thoughts??

Speak to me...  :)

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