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Expecting food, and finding hope.

Expecting food, and finding hope.
I spent the weekend in the kind of situation I generally dread: a whole event all about food.

And not just any event – a 35,000 person tradeshow where food was not just the reception, it was the whole affair: the annual mecca for the natural products industry. An organic, non-GMO frenzy of creative marketing on the heels of even more creative cooking.

Not typically a heavily-restricted custom eater’s “recipe” for success.

In the beginning, it went about as you’d expect for a gluten-, dairy-, soy-, treenut-, peanut- and olive oil-free eater (yes, I’m allergic to olive oil…): I politely read labels before sampling even the daintiest of proffered delights, and enjoyed the only very occasional Eureka! joys of finding one I could try.  

But soon it became an event about hope.

Hope because of all the new products I found touting “gluten-free”, “dairy-free” and more. Hope because of all the entrepreneurs (like Jane Pinto, above, from Don't Go Nuts) who immediately “got” my family’s story – and could match it with one of their own. Hope because of the larger brands in our freedible family, like So Delicious Dairy Free, who gleefully accompanied me to meet their younger compatriots in search of new “finds” they could support.

But most of all, hope because of all the men and women I met who don’t have an allergy, celiac disease or any other diagnosis between themselves and food – but who immediately “got” how important our movement is to help those who do.

In short my friends, hope that help is on the way.

And that is something I thought was just too good not to share.

So, in celebration, I’ve put together a photo album from the show with the freedible brands and bloggers who attended – and a few more we hope will be joining us soon.

Please check it out, and use our searchable Food Brands Directory, to find ones whose products might actually work for your family’s needs. When you do, we’d love it if you click through to their profiles to leave them a note thanking them for being here – and for all that they do.

Happy browsing,


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