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Why I Don’t Like Daily Antihistamines

Why I Don’t Like Daily Antihistamines

We’re already well into the season.

You know the one. That season. The one in which, if you’re afflicted by hayfever, has you sniffling, sneezing, coughing, itching, has your eyes watering, and/or generally makes you feel like the outside world hates you.

I’m there too sometimes, don’t get me wrong. I’ve had somewhat of a reduction in symptoms in recent years (with no clear idea whether lifestyle changes have had any impact) and for that I am grateful, but there are still moments when it seems like the outside wants to kill me. Especially if I let my skin touch grass. Dang that grass!

However, unlike many of you, I am not taking a daily antihistamine to cope with the madness.

I haven’t taken a daily antihistamine daily in nearly five years. I do take them on occasion: for example, anytime we head to my inlaws’ house, I take one to stave off the cat. And if there’s a day where my environmental symptoms make me truly miserable and unable to function, I will take the drugs for a few days, but then taper it off to see if I can cope again.

Why would I do this to myself? The answer is simple:

I have food allergies.

What do food allergies have to do with it, you might ask? Well, let me tell you a (true) story.

Almost five years ago, about a month after the birth of my second child, my family and I went to the housewarming party of a friend. I’ll admit to not having been properly careful at that particular party. I checked all the labels that were available on the foods, but when it came to homemade items, I made assumptions about what would be safe based on what is usually safe, and what I never expected to find nuts in. I filled my plate with veggies, egg rolls, chicken wings, chips, etc. Then I sat down to eat.

A bite or two into my chicken wing, I felt the telltale tingling in my mouth that an allergic reaction was beginning . . .

Read the whole story and see what happened here!

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