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Thursday, 15 August 2013 16:34

Forum Rules

Want the cliff notes?  Here's the condensed, plain-language version of the rules governing use of our forum.  But please take a moment to read through our Terms and Conditions also - they still apply.

1. You're welcome to use this Service but by doing so you agree to follow the rules. All the rules.

Freedible is a brand-new service, created by a tiny team to try to make life a little easier for people on restricted diets. We created this site "on a shoestring," as they say, because we just plain thought it needed to exist. While we may offer for-fee services later, at this point at least it's totally free for the user – because we want to help as many people as possible.
What we ask in return is that you work with us. Please, pay attention to all of our terms and conditions – including not just these summary forum rules but also any others within the "Legal Mumbo-Jumbo" sections, our Privacy Policy or elsewhere on our site or within any other Service we offer. Together, they are a legally-binding agreement between us and you. Understand that by using our Services you agree to abide by them – all of them – and that you are responsible for all activity by you or under your account on our site.

2. Nothing on this site should be interpreted as medical advice.

We are not doctors, we don't pretend to be doctors, and even if we were doctors, there are lots of things about the interactions between people and food that the medical profession is still figuring out. We will do our level-headed best to make sure that the information that Freedible posts is as medically and scientifically accurate as possible – and you agree to do the same.
We are putting this information out there because we think it's important for people to have access to it, but we can't make any promises that it's all accurate, or accurate in all cases. That's why we recommend (here and elsewhere) that you seek medical advice before taking any action based on anything you find on any Freedible site or other service. Sorry to lay down the law, but by using our site or any of our Services now or in the future you agree to this (and all the other Terms of Use).

3. Be nice.

Food restrictions are complicated, and they're intensely personal. As a culture, we've only very recently even begun to talk about the idea that food is not 'one size fits all', and bringing together people with all sorts of different food allergies, intolerances and other reactions is a pretty new idea.

So please, let's be gentle. Remember that one man's "quack" nutritional theory is another man's life-saving and health-restoring "secret sauce." Let's also remember that a "my food reaction is worse than your food reaction" kind of conversation only stands to keep us apart, when we can make so much more progress together. And please, respect the other members of our community by making sure that any content you post is relevant and appropriate to the specialized, "niche" nature of our unique service and its mission.
Of course, all the traditional definitions of "being nice" apply here, too. Freedible will be at its best if we all make sure it is a safe, welcoming and pleasant environment in which to share our views, our information, our questions and our challenges. We must insist that you do your part to make that vision a reality.

4. If it ain't yours, don't use it.

Nobody likes to have their stuff ripped off, so please – before you post that story or upload that photo, make sure you have full rights to do so. Ask your buddy before plastering pictures of his kids on the web. Give full credit to the author/photographer if you're reposting someone else's stuff. Don't post your company's trade secrets – no matter how juicy – on our site, or anything else that you are prohibited from sharing by contract or law. That goes for our stuff, too – we've worked hard to develop the content, graphics, images, design and all the rest that goes into (or onto) our site, and it's all protected by our copyright.
Intellectual property rights are a 'sticky wicket' (in other words, they're tricky!) – if in doubt, don't post it.

5. Think about what you're publishing, and to whom.

The Internet is a great big world. Whisper something quietly on the web and it can be like a mouse with a bullhorn that has no off switch. Think about that before you post.
Freedible is at its core designed to help people connect with one another about what is really pretty personal stuff. How do you eat? Why do you follow that diet? What was your experience working with your doctor to find a diagnosis – and what did you all conclude? What happens to you if you eat one of your "banned" foods? And how do you manage and/or explain all that in your communications with friends, family, doctors – and the rest of the outside world?

Throughout our site, we try to provide as many opportunities as possible for you to set privacy restrictions on your content. Any field in your profile can be restricted to just you, your friends, registered members or the general public, on a field-by-field basis, from within your 'edit profile' screen. You can also set these same privacy levels for each post you make on tabletalk. We are counting on you to think these options through, and to only reveal publicly information that you are comfortable with everybody – and we do mean everybody – knowing about you. We aren't responsible for anything that happens as a result of you choosing to reveal information on or through our site.

6. We have the right to use any information you provide – but we won't tell anyone it's yours.

Part of the power and the promise of a project like Freedible is that by bringing people together with different food restrictions, we can begin to gather some data on what peoples' true eating requirements are.

As they say, "knowledge is power". With this information, there's so much we can do to move the needs of restricted eaters forward, from pushing for stricter labeling laws, to raising awareness of food allergies with the restaurant industry, to pointing out to food manufacturers how much bigger their market would be if they'd only stop using x, y or z in their products. Not to mention that the more information you provide, the more we can do to customize your experience at Freedible to ensure that you see the content and/or products that are relevant to you, and the more options we have for how to make this Service into a sustainable business so we can continue our mission of making it easier for you to find or make dinner. That's why we ask for the information we do, why we think it's in all of our best interests to provide it and also why we at Freedible reserve the right to use that information as we see fit.

That said, your privacy is important to us and as regular people we know that no one wants their business spread around. That's why we promise that if we use your information we will remove things like name and address that tie that data back to you.

7. We hope our site will be a great resource for parents – but it's not meant for kids.

Tough as food restrictions are on grownups, they're just plain ugly for kids. Kids and their grownups need a special kind of support, recipes and resources to handle this with style.

As parents ourselves, we are committed to doing all we can to provide this kind of information to the grownups involved but it is important to note that our site is not intended to be directly used by anyone under the age of 13, nor is any of the information on it. Nor should you create a profile on behalf of anyone under the age of 13. If you are under 18, you may use the Freedible Services only with involvement of a parent or guardian. There are strict rules protecting the privacy of children on the web – as right there should be. So please, help us make sure your little ones are safe, and that we can continue to provide this Service, by strictly following these rules.

8. We might make mistakes. In fact, we're pretty much certain we will.

Even if we were perfect in every way (and let us assure you, we're not!), as with many things related to medical science, there's a tremendous amount we still don't know about the many ways that the human body – let alone your human body – can react to food. Thus, we can pretty much guarantee that at some point someone is going to discover that something we or someone else says here on Freedible is wrong. Sigh. And that's before we factor in the inevitable human errors in our reporting of facts that turn out to be unquestionably true. Double sigh.

Faced with that reality, we realized that our choices were either to give up without even trying, or to promise to do our level-headed best to keep any information we at Freedible post as accurate as we can, to ask you to do the same and (here's the most important part) to remind you that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information on Freedible. And nothing you read on this site should ever be construed as medical advice. And it is your responsibility to double-check whether every ingredient, recipe and/or product you find out about on our Site is safe for you – including making a call to the manufacturer to make sure there haven't been any potential for cross-contamination by something that may be harmful to you. And you should never rely on a website – ours or anybody else's – to diagnose or tell you how to manage a medical condition.
Obviously, we decided to take the second option. Now we need your help to make that work – and sorry to be heavy-handed about it, but by using this Service you agree to do just that.

9. We want to hear from you.

Freedible is a brand-new service and we like to think it's a big new idea. Frankly, we're all going to be figuring this out together as we go along. We can't promise that we'll be able to act on every suggestion, but we sure would like to hear them. If you have a question about anything on our site, please contact us. And if you see something – like information posted by us that you think isn't right, or information posted by anyone that you have reason to think violates the terms of this agreement – please say something. We'll all have to work together to make this Service meet our collective needs and fulfill its potential.

10. By going any further, you agree that you've read these and the other Terms of Use – and that you agree to them.

As we said, we're a tiny startup and we couldn't do this at all if we didn't have your word that you'll help us make it legally and financially possible. That's why we can't let you go any further unless you agree that you are bound by these "plain English" terms, as well as all the others included in the Terms of Use, including those in "The Legal Mumbo-Jumbo", our Privacy Policy or elsewhere on the Site or Service. If you have a question about any of these terms, reach out to us – before using the Service. Once you use the Service, you're bound by them, and if you break the rules we may terminate your Account, for the good of the community.
Last modified on Thursday, 15 August 2013 16:39