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Healing Gifts For Mum's Day, Healing a Leaky Gut

Healing Gifts For Mum's Day, Healing a Leaky Gut

Gut Healing One-Shots

for mother's day
weekly looks at healing the insides

Tea and flowers are always gluten-free. Tea and flowers? They're also gut-healing.

Anything which soothes nervous system heals the gut. Our digestive track is one of the most sensitive, and nerviest, parts of physiological system. Many of those with autoimmune diseases, food allergies, and gut disorders (including celiac) have hyper-alert sympathetic nervous systems -- that fight-or-flight side simply won't shut off.  That stress response acidifies the body, drains trace and necessary minerals from our system, and slows digestion, pulling energy and blood away from the insides and into muscles and limbs meant to dart into fight or flight. Its opposite (the parasympathetic system), is the rest and digest state of the body

Tea -- especially herbal teas (or tisanes) -- soothe. Tea, and flowers, support a return to safety and serenity.  Tea can turn your gut from shut-off-fight-n-flight to rest-n-digest in a few cups.

It's Mother's Day, and reflecting on blood and guts and gluten reminded me of the  state of constant ON that most mums remain in. Mine certainly did. Mine has a gut as nervy as a first-time filly at the Derby. A gut doesn't like gluten either.

And as I thought of honouring my mum on this day, all I could think of was healing, and peace.

But how do you give someone a happy digestion, and serenity?

Well, perhaps you don't. But perhaps you do. (Oy, perhaps you go back in time and stop tearing the cupboards apart, taking all the books off the shelves, and racing madly over the backs of the sofas with your little brother until you both tumble off and turn your ankles so you can't anymore... But time travel isn't possible yet.)

If you do, tea and flowers will do it.

Tea, such as ginger and mint, hibiscus or marshmallow, not only soothe the mind, they contain trace minerals and herbal anti-inflammatory compounds that heal, relax, and support the delicate microflora and more delicate villi, in the intestines.

So if you're looking to give your mother a healing -- a gut-healing -- gift this Mother's Day, keep it simple.

Tea, and flowers.

Lavendar especially.

My favourite teas are NOW Food's Feelin' Groovy (which also contains ginger, astragalus, and ashwaghanda, wicked good adaptogens) and any Tulsi tea made by Organic India. Tulsi, or Holy Basil, is hugely healing, and brews a smell like flower and sweet grass.

I'm also sending my mum some gluten-free sourdough from Sharon's stellar organic bakery in Ashland, MA. (You can take the link to order some yourself.) But tea and flowers...those are healing -- and they're always signs of love.

What would you like to know about tea and healing your insides?   [ Continue reading at Tumbling Gluten Free!

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