Histamine Intolerance Getting Started Guide

Intolerance to histamine occuring naturally in food.
Histamine intolerance is gaining recognition, more in Europe so far than in the U.S., as a food intolerance that can have wide-ranging symptoms affecting practically all bodily symptoms.  Find out more about histamine intolerance here, then check our Histamine Intolerance Cheat Sheet and our Guide to Getting Started on a Low Histamine Diet for more information on the diet that for many can help alleviate health issues from asthma to schizophrenia. (No, really!)
Read tips and tricks for wrapping your head - and your kitchen - around a histamine intolerance: a diet that can be daunting at first but that for some is rewarded with wide-ranging health improvements.
If ever there was a diet where you need a cheat sheet, this is it! We've surveyed the many lists that are out there and come up with a composite list of foods that have been cited as high in histamine.  Use this as a starting point to determine your own tolerance levels.