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How to get an EpiPen for FREE! (With or Without Insurance)

How to get an EpiPen for FREE! (With or Without Insurance)

If you or your child has a severe food allergy, you already know that having (and carrying) an EpiPen is not even an option. However, many families don’t have the extras they need or can’t/don’t refill their prescriptions for their EpiPens for several reasons. Here are a few I’ve heard:

1. I’ve never had to use it

2. I always forget it at home

3. One is at school, One is at my parent’s home/my home

4. It’s too expensive/ Don’t have insurance

These excuses are NOT COOL people. Recently, an EpiPen rep at the FARE Walk for food allergies told me that I should actually have an extra pair of EpiPens to carry around at all times. He’s absolutely right. I thought about how much easier it would be to have an EpiPen at home, one at my daughter’s preschool, and two in my purse. I would never have to worry about accidentally leaving it at home again. It’s also a good idea because my daughter has had biphasic anaphylactic reactions. Pretty much what this means, is that the symptoms of her reaction went away after giving her the EpiPen (yay!)……..and….then they came back (awww). So, it really would be smart to have more than one with me at all times.

Great, so I’ve told you what you probably already know, you’re supposed to carry an EpiPen. Here’s what you probably DIDN’T know. How to get them, for FREE! CLICK HERE to see what your options are if you need a refill, but don’t have insurance or the money to dish out for them. 

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