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Javazen Coffee Blend Review & Giveaway

Javazen Coffee Blend Review & Giveaway
      Flavored coffee is one of my guilty pleasures. When my kids were first diagnosed with food allergies, the biggest challenge for me was to give up varieties like hazelnut, macademia, almond toffee and more.  After reading countless labels of coffee brands regarding nut oils, I realized that my only choice was to use regular coffee and dress it up myself.  

      Then I was introduced to Javazen.  It is a unique blend of coffee, matcha or ceremonial grade green tea, cocoa, cinnamon, pine pollen and vanilla.  Aside from being a collection of superfoods, Javazen is organic, free of major allergens and is ethically sourced as well.  

        Sounds interesting?  I have my full review of the product on my blog below.  The best part is that I'm also hosting a giveaway for a free 9 oz bag of Javazen.  Check it out now.

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