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Foster Farms Gluten Free Honey Crunch Corn Dogs and a GIVEAWAY!

Foster Farms Gluten Free Honey Crunch Corn Dogs and a GIVEAWAY!

There's just something inherently fun about corn dogs. They make you think of summer carnivals, picnics, and bygone days of your youth. Not to mention that you are intended to eat them with your hands.

I had recently discovered the Foster Farms Gluten Free Honey Crunchy Corn Dogs at my local Kroger store, and was so wanting to try them. But like many gluten free bloggers, I was bidding my time. If I bought everything I saw at the store that I wanted to try I would be broke and wouldn't be able to fit into my clothes any more. So I chose to wait until an opportune time.

And then I received  an email from Foster Farms wanting to know if I would like to review their product, and if so, they would be willing to send me a box for free. Well of course I said yes!
That's such a friendly thing for them to do. :)

Credit: Kid President/ Soul Pancake

Bonus #1- Not only did I receive a box of free corn dogs, they also came shipped in dry ice.
Here's a science equation for you- science geeks + dry ice = fun with sublimation! 

But I digress. Let's get back to what's really important....corn dogs! 

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Foster Farms, their corn dogs are the #1 selling corn dog in America. Their gluten free corn dogs are certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group, contain less than 10ppm of gluten per serving, and they feature a 100% chicken frank dipped twice in a honey crunchy batter. 

(As my husband's system is apparently intolerant to pork, this last fact was a major bonus!) They are also certified by the American Humane Association for their poultry raising practices. 

They also make gluten free chicken breast nuggets and chicken breast strips. They even have a recipe for lemon glaze for their gluten free chicken breast strips that look DELICIOUS! 

But enough talk. How do the corn dogs taste? 

WONDERFUL! Seriously, they were so good they didn't need ketchup or any other kind of dipping sauce. (Although we did have a second "dog" the day afternoon and they were FANTASTIC dipped in baba ganoush!)  I was really impressed with the breading. It was the perfect thickness and completely in tact. It was firm but not dry and there was a perfect ratio of breading to hot dog.  

So where can you find these amazing hand held delights? They are available nationwide at many retailers including: Safeway (Von's, Randall's. Tom Thumb), Kroger (Fry's, Smith's), Raley's, Lucky, Albertsons, Giant Eagle, Woodman's, Copps/Roundy's, Schnuck's, Food Lion, HyVee and Marsh.  You can also call Foster Farms at 1-800-255-7227 for help finding a retailer near you.

Bonus #2- I get to share these corn dogs with YOU! Corn dog for you, corn dog you....
(Check out #3 at 0:13 seconds...and then watch the rest because it will make your day brighter.)

Foster Farms is allowing me to pick 5 separate lucky readers to win a voucher for a free box of their gluten free corn dogs. Just enter the RaffleCopter on my blog link below for your chance to try these yourself. You can do it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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