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Dress for Success with help from Talk For Me Tees

Dress for Success with help from Talk For Me Tees

Head Back to School in Style!

Sending kids with food allergies out into the world with food allergies can be scary -- and the smaller the custom eater, the scarier that can be!

That's what led us to create Talk For Me Tees: a line of apparel designed to help speak up for our little ones' needs - but in a way that's fun and even adorable, not scary at all!

Leave us a comment below and we'll enter you to win an adorable tee (or any other apparel item) for your little custom eater from Talk For Me Tees online store!  Start shopping today! TalkForMeTees IMG 0497 1

How to win:

Just leave us a comment below!

The fine print:

Prize can be shipped anywhere within the continental US and Canada. Talk For Me Tees will select a winner from among the users submitting a comment on this giveaway by midnight PT on Sunday, Sept. 13, 2015. By entering this giveaway, you accept full responsibility for communicating with Talk For Me Tees and you agree to hold freedible and its employees and assigns harmless from any and all liability, including but not limited to any potential liability resulting from any inaccuracies in the description of the products being offered in this giveaway.

Our message to custom eater kids going back to school:

We love our food allergy kids!! It's tough to find a stronger, more compassionate group of little ones.

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