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ExpoWest: Collaborate, Educate, and Win!

ExpoWest: Collaborate, Educate, and Win!

ExpoWest 2016 Gluten Free Giveaway!

You can't get to ExpoWest, the largest organic and natural products food event in the country? Most people can't. It's a trade show, after all. For most non-trade, in-the-biz-would-be-attendees, that means it's novel, but not a need. But if you have celiac disease, you're not most. If you have celiac, you're only 1 out 133. If you have celiac, ExpoWest is an opportunity to connect with companies developing safe and gluten-free products. It's an opportunity to explore and discover our options, and find supplements that help heal our guts. It is a chance to educate food suppliers and developers: gluten-free is a prescription, not a fad, and your business can make a difference in our lives and for our health.

If a food company takes cross-contamination, sourcing, and product quality seriously, it can make a world of difference.

But you can't get to ExpoWest. Me neither this year, although I'm able to get in on press credentials.

But as celiacs, press credentials or no, we are part of the trade. Our attention  orattendance is mutually beneficial. We are consumers, after all. With celiac, this expo is for both us and brands because having this disease uniquely makes us more than consumers -- we are collaborators.

Our feedback, not just our cash and interest, is invaluable to the exhibitor -- as invaluable to them as it is to our fellow celiacs, because when we we attend, try, and educate, we create an environment where our health is taken seriously, the people who make are food understand our needs, and products are created that are both palate-pleasing and safe. And we expand and inform these comapanies' consumer bases.

So you can't make it to ExpoWest, though. It's all right. This year, I'm not there either.

You can still educate the trade-show and explore new gluten-free options!

This year, I'm partnering with four companies whose integrity, and commitment to safe celiac nutrition, is stellar.  They hold to the Expo's platinum line, guaranteeing whole foods, chemical-free, developed for great taste. And they'll be at the expo, of course. You can't try them there. But you can try each product by entering the Tumbling GF Expo Giveaway.
A seven nut and seed blend, in both peanut-containing and peanut-free varieties, nothing on the market compares with this totally unprocessed, organic, pure blend nut butter -- and that’s in terms of quality and taste!

Giveaway includes Nuttzo2Go packets in peanut free Power Fuel Nuttzo, peanut-containing Chocolate Nuttzo, and Original Chocolate Nuttzo!

A company that certifies its products not only organic, but fair-trade, gluten-free (for the most part), and raw, Garden of Life is a peerless product purveyor for gut health.

Included in the giveaway are celiac-supportive (and brand new!) Raw Protein and Greens (vanilla and chocolate), Dr Formulated Probiotic, and a package of gluten-free organic Chia Seeds.

This little family-owned business is a bean of a different quality. Homemade frijoles like you’ve never tasted -- or at least, never tasted off a store shelf! Organic, gluten-free, in 5 varieties, Better Bean beans really are better, and their product is locally sourced and b-corp certified, on top of being a high-fibre, high-protein, plant-based food that’s hugely supportive to celiac taste buds and health!

Included in the giveaway are 2 free tubs of flavour of your choice (Cuban, Tuscan White, Pinto, Red, 3 Sisters Chili, or Black) (you will receive VIP coupons for free product)

The best nationally available, celiac-safe bread on the market, Canyon makes not just the stellar 7 Grain loaf -- which holds up texture, toasted or untoasted, and has real body -- but bagels as well. With founders who know celiac personally, and a commitment to taste and wholegrain, solid nutrition, Canyon has the corner on celiac breads and baked goods -- and hopefully will be unveiling some new bagel flavours soon.

Giveawayincludes 1 package of either Everything or Plain Bagels and 1 loaf of bread, either Rye, White, or 7 Grain.

Think of yourself as a collaborator this week! Offer your feedback! Your voice makes a difference to the care and safety of celiacs across the country.  Use social media, follow me (@TumblingGF, Facebook, instagram @PonyoImp) for updates on new products, as well as GF and More Magazine, Amie Valpone (The Healthy Apple), and Erica Dermer (Celiac and the Beast).  Don’t miss the updates from the participating brands either! (Nuttzo, Canyon Bakehouse, Garden of Life, and Better Bean Co.)
So you’re not at the Expo.

You’re still involved.

We’re not just here to educate each other. We can -- and need to -- educate the people who provide us with food. That’s our prescription. And it’s our opportunity.

Win the Tumbling Gluten Free Expo West Sampler Box!

hop on over to CJ's blog to ENTER

 When we collaborate, educate, and reach out we always win -- we discover the opportunities, learn new ways to live, and find the flip-side of "restriction"...exploration and new edibles!

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