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Gluten Free Android App - Gluten Freedom

Download on Google Play: This gluten... Download on Google Play: This gluten free barcode scanner works simply and fast, using your smartphone camera to scan barcodes already found on the products you buy. Works at every U.S. grocery store! Scan a barcode to find out if something is gluten free or not with color coded results. Every scan reads the ingredients for a product and then compares those ingredients to a list of ingredients known to contain gluten. GREEN - The product is gluten free YELLOW - The product may contain gluten RED - The product contains gluten This app enables you to make a more informed decision to find gluten free products anywhere including at the grocery store. Keep a list of products you've scanned in the past. Gluten free barcode scanner works on U.S. products. Gluten free barcode scanner benefits from a team of researchers working tirelessly to catalog re-branded grocery store products, such as Trader Joe's, Safeway, and QFC, to name a few. People who use this app searched for: gluten free | gluten free scanner | celiac disease | gluten free diet | gluten free barcode scanner More
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