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Common Dairy-Free Substitutes

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Out with the cow's milk and in with the _____???  These days, there are lots of great products out there that you can use to replace cow and other animal milks in your diet.  Find out more about your options - and how to choose between them!

 Substitutions for those who are allergic or intolerant to all dairy products, or to milk proteins (cassein, whey):

Dairy Foods

Suggested Substitutes


Coconut milk

Soy milk*

Nut milks (such as almond or hazlenut)*

Coconut milk

Milks from seeds (e.g., flax & sunflower seeds)

Milks from grains (e.g., rice, oat or whole grain)**

Butter Margarine spreads (read labels carefully for other allergens; soy-free margarines are available)

Soy milk cheeses*

Rice cheeses (NOTE: some brands contain whey, a dairy protein)

For some, goat or sheep’s milk cheeses

Sour cream & cream cheese

 Soy-based cream cheese &/or sour cream ("Tofuti" brand & others)


Coconut milk yogurt

Soy milk yogurt*

For some, sheep or goat’s milk yogurt

Almond milk yogurt*

Ice Cream

Sorbet or sherbert (usually but not always dairy-free)

Coconut milk ice cream

Almond milk ice cream*

Soy milk ice cream*

Rice Milk ice cream

*Common allergen

**May contain gluten – check labels carefully if you have a gluten sensitivity.


Common lactose-free substitutions:


Milk labelled "Lactose-free" (Lactaid & other brands)


Hard cheeses (e.g., cheddar, swiss, parmesan)

Yogurt & frozen yogurt

Yogurt labelled "Lactose-free"

Ice cream

Cow's milk ice cream labelled "Lactose-free" (Lactaid & other brands)

Dairy-free ice cream substitutes

Soft cheeses (e.g., mozzarella, American, provolone)

Hard cheeses (e.g., swiss, aged cheddar, parmesan cheese)

(Can be tolerated by most with a lactose intolerance as they are naturally lower in lactose levels; the longer the cheese is aged, the lower the lactose levels.)

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