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Fish-free Cheat Sheet

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A take-it-with-you guide to common fish sources.

foods to watch

anchovies bass
catfish salmon
cod  scrod
flounder swordfish
grouper sole
haddock snapper
hake tilapia
halibut trout
herring tuna
mahi mahi fish sauce
perch fish oil
pike fish gelatin
pollock smelt


common hidden sources

Caesar salad barbeque sauce
Caesar dressing caponata (Sicilian eggplant relish)
Worcestershire sauce fumet (fish stock)
bouillabaisse steak sauce
imitation fish or shellfish sushi
surimi pissaladiere
meatloaf gelatin
caviar bonito broth
vegetarian or vegan omega-3 supplements*

nori/seaweed fish sauce / Nam pla

non-food sources

fish food fertilizer
pet food and treats

 cosmetics, lip balm**
insect spray** paint**

* These supplements are typically made from either seaweed or flaxseed oil.  Depending on their source, they may be safely tolerated by some people with allergies - consult with your doctor before use.
**These items may contain Menhaden oil, which comes from an Atlantic fish.
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