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Gluten Free Halloween Candy

Gluten Free Halloween Candy

Hey Friends! Just passing on some links to gluten free Halloween candy lists.

My Gluten Facts has a really complete list that you can filter by "Minimum Gluten Meter Status" - the safety level of the factory, from a cleaned production line to a dedicated gluten free facility.

See the list here: http://www.myglutenfacts.com/2013-gluten-free-halloween-candy-list/?ccode=2


Celiac Disease Foundation has a handy printable list. Just a note, if you live in Canada, the Smarties on the list are NOT the Nestle Smarties (mm's type candy in the blue box) that you can buy in Canada. Nestle Smarties in Canada are made with wheat flour and are NOT gluten free 

See the list here: http://celiac.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Halloween-Candy-List.pdf


If you're looking for gluten free treats to buy, Gluten Free Foodie has a list of her favorite Allergen free, natural, organic and gluten free. Make sure you check her notes, all the candies are gluten free, but not all are safe for all allergies. 

See her list here: http://celiac.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Halloween-Candy-List.pdf



Have a safe and happy halloween!!



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