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Enjoy a ‘No Fear of Food’ Halloween

Enjoy a ‘No Fear of Food’ Halloween
Believe it or not — it really is possible to have a fun, happy Halloween without the worry of food allergies and fear of food. In fact, you can have an amazing, memorable Halloween with no food at all.

And it may surprise parents to see what a big hit a Halloween party with no food can be.

If the idea of a food-free, less scary Halloween party sounds good, here are some tips:

If you have a large enough home to accommodate the party, that’s one less logistic to think about. If not, community centers or churches are sometimes available for these kinds of events.

Even though you’re not serving food, the party-goers will still need a thirst quencher. Water is the best refresher of all and large containers of water are less expensive and more environmentally friendly than smaller containers. Be sure to have markers on hand to label everyone’s cup.

For small children, cover a table with craft paper and lay out an assortment of craft items such as stickers, foam shapes, pom-poms, markers, crayons and glue sticks. This gives the little ones something to do while they check out each other’s costumes and EpiPen belts and holders.

Older kids and teens might like to watch a scary movie, dance or play games.  To read the rest of the blog post and get additional ideas on how to a fun, food allergy friendly Halloween, please click here.

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