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Halloween Candy Allergen Info at Target

Halloween Candy Allergen Info at Target

The level of food allergy awareness surrounding Halloween has increased dramatically in recent years, thanks in large part to the popularity of the Teal Pumpkin movement. Not only are more people aware that some kids cannot enjoy much candy, they are also paying more attention to what goes into that candy.

This display I found at Target the other day is a perfect example. Just a few short years ago, we’d have to compile lists like these ourselves–no retailers conveniently compiled them for us.

This is a huge step in the right direction, and a great victory for the food allergy community! (Now if only the candy companies would take steps to avoid cross contamination and open up a greater assortment of candies to allergic kids!)

The in-store display says “Allergen Guide” in large letters, which easily grabs the attention of shoppers. This guide was printed on tear-away pages, so interested consumers could take one with while shopping, or even take it home for easy reference. (That’s what I’m doing with it–I intend to have this handy on Halloween night, so I can check the safety of candy that may not have easy-to-read allergen info on the wrapper.)

One thing struck me as unusual about Target’s allergen list, however . . .

Read more about what I thought Target could do to improve and a picture of the list here!

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