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Unsafe Halloween Candy – Make a Plan!

Unsafe Halloween Candy – Make a Plan!

Let’s imagine it’s after bedtime on Halloween night. The kids have gone trick-or-treating, and hopefully they came home with a good supply of safe sweets and non-food treats from all the compassionate households with teal pumpkins out front. You finally wrestled your little princesses and goblins into bed despite the excitement and the sugar rush, but you can’t complain because this has been one of your child’s best Halloweens yet!

Now that they are finally asleep, it’s time to implement your plan for getting rid of the unsafe candy.

It’s a good idea to decide what to do with that candy ahead of time so you aren’t scrambling Halloween night. Plus, you’ll be calmer and less likely to make a mistake if you’re prepared ahead of time.

There are two parts to making your plan: getting the candy away from your child, and deciding what to do with it.

Taking Candy from Your Baby

There are lots of ways to do this.

The rest of this scary good advice can be found here!

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