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Put "I Can" Into Celiac During Halloween: Teal Pumpkins Galore

Put "I Can" Into Celiac During Halloween: Teal Pumpkins Galore

Hullo Teal Pun'kin. Do you know what this means?

It means Halloween -- safe Halloween -- for me, and for all the children who like me have celiac disease, the need to eat gluten-free, or a life-altering food allergy. 

When you put up a Teal Pumpkin on your porch, or in your window, you're saying "I have non-edible treats or allergen-free sweets".

You're saying you're not alone, to thousands of kids who otherwise might be able to wander about blithely through the night, decked out in ninja-garb or masks, but could not participate in the trick-or-treating. Some shouldn't even handle the packaging of treats with allergens in them.

A teal pumpkin says, Inclusion.


So how do you deal with Halloween if you have celiac or celiac or food-restricted kids? 



My teal pumpkin: I had fun playing with this photo in Pixlr!

He doesn't look quite so professional on my apartment front

step. But he is very teal.

This year, I ran a Skype workshop  for families who deal with celiac specifically, including other diseases that require a modified diet (diabetes is a brick-to-the-head for kids), and food allergies. A teal pumpkin is lovely -- and the Teal Pumpkin Project creates a sign and provides resources for making houses trick-or-treat-friendly to kids with any food restriction.

But what does Teal Pumpkin, fun-and-safe-Halloween, and awareness look like practically and concretely?






( continue reading at Tumbling Gluten Free here )

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