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Vegas Shooter "Allergy Freak" Why is our disability community being stigmatized in the media?

This morning "allergy freak" with "allergy-driven quirks" is being smeared across the headlines and social media in regards to the tragic and senseless Vegas shooting. It would seem that any semblance of accurate medical science reporting goes right out the window when people need something to gawk at. Isn't this shooting enough of a trainwreck all on its own without the addition of more monsters--in this case the allergy community. We are being painted as monsters and freaks because a very morally sick man who may or may not have had legitimate allergies committed the worst mass shooting in the history of the USA. 

Think about this: if the Vegas shooter had a heart condition, do you think we would be reading 'cardiac freak!' smeared across the headlines? 

Another phrase repeated in the news reports today is a statement from the brother of this man that he had "allergy-driven quirks." There. is. no. such. thing. Allergies are not a quirk or a personality disorder. Delusional beliefs that one has allergies or allergy faking IS a quirk or personality disorder. It's up to responsible media to report this accurately to the public and that is not happening. We have no medical confirmation one way or the other that the shooter had any allergies at all--only the words of family and the girlfriend. And even if he did, WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH THE HORRIFIC ACT HE COMMITTED?

Again, if the shooter had any other physical illness, can you imagine this being trotted out in such a disgusting way and the words "freak" and "quirk" being used to describe it?

I hope that at least one of the organizations that claim to represent the allergy community comes out with a statement about this to shame the media outlets that are perpetrating stigma and hate against our disability community by running these vicious and trashy headlines about allergies today.