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Weighing in on Vogue's "Is True Happiness Possible Without Gluten?"

Weighing in on Vogue's "Is True Happiness Possible Without Gluten?"

Recently, Vogue food critic Jeffrey Steingarten published “Is True Happiness Possible Without Gluten?” an article chronicling Steingarten’s realization that Celiac is, in fact, a real disease, and journey to decipher just what gluten is, and just how people can live without it. Guest Blogger on The Adventures of Anti-Wheat Girl, Hannah, staunch Anti-Wheat Ally, weighs in:

It’s no secret that Steingarten is a regular gluten connoisseur: he opens the article by declaring that gluten is his favorite food and for half the article’s length proceeds to sing the praises of “our daily bread” before delving into his journey of learning what exactly gluten is and his subsequent experiment in not eating it. After his brief stint eating gluten-free, described by Steingarten as “exhausting,” his conclusion is, well, inconclusive. He seems to recognize the severity of gluten intolerance and Celiac, but all he has to offer by the article’s end is, “who am I to judge?”

We have a lot of opinions on this piece and Guest Blogger Hannah gets into them in our blog post here:

Read on and share your thoughts with us at The Adventures of Anti-Wheat Girl!


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