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Dangerous Bites: Cultural Implications of Food Allergies

Dangerous Bites: Cultural Implications of Food Allergies by Grace Hwang Lynch  

I had the honor of being one of many people interviewed for this article about food allergies among the Asian American community and what are the cultural implications when there is a lack of data about food allergies for minorities, when one doesn't have the vocabulary to discuss food allergies in another language, when an Asian person is 30% less likely to be diagnosed with food allergies. My good friend, Brian Hom was also interviewed for the article and in it we discuss our experiences as advocates for California's stock epi legislation (SB 1266) and as parents of peanut patch trial participants. Please read and share with your friends. It is my hope that people will read it, relate to the stories, and become more proactive to manage their food allergies.

Link to the article:

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