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Food Allergy Stats You Don’t Often See

Food Allergy Stats You Don’t Often See

A few weeks ago, I shared a link on our social media channels about a second Smart Case and App for carrying epinephrine autoinjectors–the case monitors temperature and other storage conditions, plus the app sends alerts if the person forgets to bring their life-saving medicine–or if they open it. The new app-and-case combo is called AnAPPhylaxis, and is being developed in Spain. (The first Smart Epinephrine Case that we’d ever heard of was the Veta Smart Case. We met the team behind it at FABlogCon!)

The press release regarding AnAPPhylaxis ended, as allergy articles often do, with a paragraph or two filled with allergy facts and statistics. What was interesting about the way this article ended was that the stats weren’t USA stats, but worldwide allergy stats. Here it is:

“Worldwide, it is estimated that 150 million individuals are considered to be at risk for experiencing anaphylaxis, with an alarmingly high mortality rate from the condition (One in 150). Over five million epinephrine autoinjectors are produced annually in the world, with 80 percent of the epinephrine autoinjector market based in the United States.”

I find several things fascinating about this paragraph, so I felt like examining them in further detail.

Read the rest of this fascinating story here!

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