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The High Cost of Epinephrine

The High Cost of Epinephrine

So, Mylan has announced that they “care,” and they’re going to help us all out by increasing the value of their savings cards from $100 to $300 per 2pack of EpiPens. They’re also expanding eligibility for their assistance program (how many people even knew they had an assistance program???)

While these assistance programs will help people to some degree, I have a problem with the fact that they aren’t touching the retail price of the drug. They’re keeping the supposed “value” of the drug sky-high, while placing us all at the mercy of their goodwill–something we know they’re lacking or they wouldn’t have jacked the price up so high in the first place. As soon as the firestorm dies down, they will be free to cut the value of the savings cards again and their profits will only have been hampered a little bit.

I’ve had food allergies my whole life, and I’ve been carrying epinephrine since 1985. It hasn’t always been EpiPen, we had a couple of different types over the years, but we’ve always had epinephrine.

I looked back through my personal medical records, and I have EpiPen prescription records on hand dating back to 2007 (I must’ve shredded earlier ones.) Here are pictures of the pen retail prices in all that time. (I’m missing a few years, and I haven’t filled my own yet for 2016.)

Click here for the pictures of the EpiPen prices (they were much much lower) and read the rest of the blog post.

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