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Why I'm my own Gluten-Free Best Friend!

Why I'm my own Gluten-Free Best Friend!
So we let you know last week that things would be changing a bit. Now it is getting a bit personal, but hopefully someone else out there can relate. Here we go.~Bailey's Abridged Story~

First thing I should admit is that I have Type 1 diabetes. That is a whole long story for another day, and we will get to it, just not today. If you are unfamiliar, type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease also referred to as juvenile diabetes or insulin dependent. My grandmother always referred to it as "The Sugar." Whatever you want to call it, thats me, oh lucky me!

Mahaley was very aware of my frustrations with spending sooooo much money on my prescriptions every month and how frustrated I was trying to get my diabetes under control. She had a great suggestion. She suggested I try a gluten free diet. A friend of a friend with diabetes no longer needed insulin after going gluten free. Well, sounded crazy because my pancreas just flat out doesn't work so not sure where the insulin would come from. After a smile and a "yeah, ok, suuuure!" I figured it couldn't hurt, so I gave it a try.

Well, I tried it and two great things happened for me!

1. I realized I needed much less insulin! For some reason, my body was able to process the food better and I talked with my doctor and we cut back on my basal insulin and some of my bolus (diabetic robot terms, sorry, basically means the amount of insulin I had every day became less!) It also did another wonderful thing for my diabetes. It limited the treats I could have. When I go to a cafe to grab a coffee or latte, I can no longer just grab a muffin, cookie, croissant or any those sweet things I love but should cut back on.And now for my super brave/totally putting it out there/I have no idea how girls take these photos at the gym everyday/I have changed my mind about posting it 10 times photo.

When you are a diabetic robot as I like to call myself, using less insulin makes using these fun gadgets much easier.

2. The second great thing may actually be better than saving money on insulin! I realized that without gluten, I didn't have a big, gassy, bloated belly at the end of the day! I didn't have painful cramps after a big meal. It was pretty great! I had given up meat originally because I thought it made me sick. I then gave up dairy because I thought I was lactose intolerant. None of those things worked, but now I feel SO much better, and I can eat cheese again without a problem! It is a win win!

Those are the two main reasons I will continue to stay on a gluten-free diet. That and the fact that when I make a mistake and accidentally have some gluten, I seriously regret it for  3-4 days after. (Don't worry we will not be going into detail about that!) I also now am very excited about making things gluten free and impressing my friend and family with new recipes.

I probably won't ever get tested for Celiac disease, another autoimmune disease, only because testing requires that I eat gluten. I'd rather not have to do that. I know I feel better without it so I will continue to live without it. No cheating, ever!

I also now know, thanks largely in part to starting this blog, that I can have all the yummy food I want and feel good. I have made it a personal goal to learn as much as I can about the food I eat and find way to make it absolutely delicious so I don't jave to miss out on anything! I can have absolutely everything I used to eat, I just need to be a little bit creative! 

So that is why I'm happy to be  gluten free in a nut shell! 

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