freedible is not just a site, it's a movement!

As custom eaters ourselves, we know how challenging it is to maintain a custom diet in a world that assumes food is "one-size-fits-all."  Reading labels in the grocery store, negotiating with waiters - or worse, with your own family members - the logistical hurdles are many.

We built freedible to make it easier to find and share the recipes, tips and products that actually work for you to make that easier for us all - but we know that solving these logistical problems is not enough.

What custom eaters really need, we believe, is cultural change.  A change that recognizes that food is not one-size-fits-all, so more people start to ask their doctors the important questions that might unlock their own health mysteries, and that takes the politics and divisiveness out of making the food choices that help us to maintain our own bodies' needs. 

That's a bold vision - but one for which the time has come.  Every day, research scientists come a little bit closer to understanding the myriad ways that our bodies' relationships to food can differ. And every day, more physicians become aware of this research and work with their patients to understand how our eating habits might, for some of their patients, play in to national epidemics like asthma, obesity, heart disease, learning disabilities and more.  

This is an exciting time, and we custom eaters need to do our part to help that process along.  Here on freedible, we are bringing together the broad spectrum of people with food restrictions into one community, to share what works, support one another and learn from one another the important respects in which our eating needs differ, while focusing on the things we have in common. And we are creating custom tools to make it easier to find the recipes, blog posts and other resources that are relevant to the way that you eat, and the lifestyle challenges that those diets pose.

If you back our movement and want to get more involved, please consider helping us build our community and get the word out, as a freedible Host, Promotional Partner, Pinner or Friend. Together we really can create the change we need - in fact, we already are!

Best regards,

Founder, CEO & Mom-on-a-mission