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Elmo Cakes for Everyone

Elmo Cakes for Everyone

This poem is an ode to my little boy's joy at the "Elmo Cake" I made him one Saturday afternoon. (If you'd like the recipe you can find it here.)

Poor little guy has an allergy-like reaction with ramifications lasting for several days any time he's exposed to a food other than the 15 or so to which he's already been desensitized.  So something that feels new to him is a really special treat.  And when that treat comes in the form of "cakes" topped with all his favorite Sesame Street characters, his joy nearly topples me into sadness that his day-to-day is so very limited. On this particular sunny morning, I channeled all that emotion into this poem. 


Elmo Cakes

"Help-a cook! Help-a cook!"
My little one bounced his battle cry
With the twinkle of coming sweets in his eye.
No gluten nor dairy nor egg for he,
Just fifteen ingredients let his stomach be.
With wholesome apple sauce, maple syrup and exotic flours,
Yet baked in a tin imbued with Sesame Street powers,
Will bring him peals of joy for hours.

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