Top 8-Free Dible

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Top 8 Allergen-Free Getting Started Guide

So your doctor has told you to go for the big one: eliminating all of the top-8 allergens from your child's diet or your own.  You have our sympathies – we’ve been there.  Take a deep breath, make some room in your pantry and resist the temptation to panic.  You will eat, and eat well – and we’re here to help.  Let’s start with the basics.
While it’s not the worst elimination diet we’ve tried (!), getting your head around the idea of knocking out all 8 of the top food allergens at once is overwhelming to say the least.  By and large, eliminating just one ingredient isn’t so bad – but eliminating a whole bunch of them at once is a whole other story.  Here are some tips to get you started.
When you're starting a top-8 elimination diet, you're probably going to have to make a trip to the grocery store - or several.  Unfortunately, most of the snacks and treats in your pantry are likely to have one or more of the now-banned ingredients inside.  Here's a grocery list to get you started with common foods you will likely need to replace, along with some suggested alternatives to look at.