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Gluten Free Instant Cheese Sauce Powder for Mac and Cheese (Kraft Dinner)

Hey Friends! Happy Canada Day! I always feel a little homesick and nostalgic on Canada Day. Except for a couple of extended stays, we haven't really...

July 4th Recipes That Bring Everyone Back to the Table: freedible News

July 4th Recipes That Bring Everyone Back to the Table: freedible News
    Backyard barbeques, boisterous get-togethers and picnics while you wait for the fireworks - you're gonna need some food!  We've got a top-8 allergen-free menu...

Changes and Challenges

I wrote the following post after my daughter had several successful food challenges.  I started out thinking I would write about our good news but what...

Beyond Comfy Shoes: 10 Things I Learned from BlogHer Food '13

Last weekend I packed up my blogger business cards, planted kisses on Mufasa and the KC kids and headed to Austin for the 5th annual BlogHer...

Traveling, Eating Out and Austin

;)  Check out my Blog Here read more!   Traveling, Eating Out and Austin After coming home and settling back into my day-to-day life from a...

How our preschool was trained for EpiPens

When my kids were still quite young, I was ready to have some time with adults outside of the house, but wanted to stay on my...

In the Restaurant

A few nights ago I was packing up in the main kitchen (which is down the hall from the restaurant kitchen) and going to slip out...

Easy Milk-free, Gluten-free Waffles

I created my own milk-free, gluten-free waffle mix. Check out my recipe here!

Milk Did My Body Wrong

No More Milk Products!I've been wanting to tell about my journey to being milk-free for quite a while, but it's such a long story (not that many of my...

USA TODAY Highlights Allergy-Climate Change Link

A longer, more intense allergy season has been one of the biggest stories in the allergy community this year. Now the potential impact of global climate change on...

If you're allergic to that, you might be allergic to this

Our latest blog post looks at the interrelation between food allergies and pollen allergies: if you suffer from seasonal allergies, you may also be susceptible to...

Places Peanuts can Hide

Peanut proteins can be found in a surprising number of places, including several non-food items - our latest blog post looks at where they're hiding.

Mother's Day with Two Food-Sensitive Kids: Simple, and Complicated.

Mother's Day with Two Food-Sensitive Kids: Simple, and Complicated.
"Here they come," my son's teachers said.  It was "Parents' Day" at my little guy's preschool.  In he came, looking a bit dazed, showing a respect...


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Gluten-free Resource Directory - Search by Type of Food

Have you ever wanted to know which companies produce a certain type/category of gluten-free food? You can do a search on bread and it will give you a list of food...