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In the Restaurant

A few nights ago I was packing up in the main kitchen (which is down the hall from the restaurant kitchen) and going to slip out...

Easy Milk-free, Gluten-free Waffles

I created my own milk-free, gluten-free waffle mix. Check out my recipe here!

Milk Did My Body Wrong

No More Milk Products!I've been wanting to tell about my journey to being milk-free for quite a while, but it's such a long story (not that many of my...

USA TODAY Highlights Allergy-Climate Change Link

A longer, more intense allergy season has been one of the biggest stories in the allergy community this year. Now the potential impact of global climate change on...

If you're allergic to that, you might be allergic to this

Our latest blog post looks at the interrelation between food allergies and pollen allergies: if you suffer from seasonal allergies, you may also be susceptible to...

Places Peanuts can Hide

Peanut proteins can be found in a surprising number of places, including several non-food items - our latest blog post looks at where they're hiding.

Mother's Day with Two Food-Sensitive Kids: Simple, and Complicated.

Mother's Day with Two Food-Sensitive Kids: Simple, and Complicated.
"Here they come," my son's teachers said.  It was "Parents' Day" at my little guy's preschool.  In he came, looking a bit dazed, showing a respect...


Follow my blog: Description "Your own food blog"

Gluten-free Resource Directory - Search by Type of Food

Have you ever wanted to know which companies produce a certain type/category of gluten-free food? You can do a search on bread and it will give you a list of food...

Pushing for better gluten labeling laws

Applauding my Congresswoman for pushing for better gluten-free labeling standards. You can read more here: Please join me in cheering her on!

Mobile allergen-tester is awesome -- but don't stop there!

Mobile allergen-tester is awesome -- but don't stop there!
My wish for the future (or at least, one of them!): more consumer technology to help us understand what's in our food - before we put...

Eating in, OUT

If you ask me, the hardest part about having food restrictions isn't the shopping.  It isn't the cooking.  It isn't even the eating out.  It's the...

Nearly-everything-bad-free pancakes

When we found out that our go-to top 8 allergen free pancake recipe (Swedish-style Allergy-friendly Oatmeal Pancakes) no longer worked for our family, as the youngest...

Elmo Cakes for Everyone

Elmo Cakes for Everyone
This poem is an ode to my little boy's joy at the "Elmo Cake" I made him one Saturday afternoon. (If you'd like the recipe you...

How my family came through food intolerances, allergies, mast cells and adoption to found freedible.

How my family came through food intolerances, allergies, mast cells and adoption to found freedible.

Holding my tiny adopted newborn two years ago as he screamed, back arched stiffly in pain and bright blue eyes squeezed tightly shut, I couldnt possibly have imagined all the gifts he would bring to my family.  Today, as we prepare to launch the new community for people with food allergies, intolerances and other restrictions that he has inspired, I am stunned by all the meanings weve found in that old phrase, the miracle of adoption.