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EpiPen Extreme Heat Experiment

EpiPen Extreme Heat Experiment

A new Experiment for EpiPens in Extreme Heat

I wanted to see if this effect on an EpiPen in Extreme Heat could be repeated from our last experiment. Once again, I put EpiPens on the dashboard of my car in full sun.

I meant to heat the EpiPens for two weeks, but after getting some cool weather and then getting busy, I actually left them for 6 weeks. At the end I fired them all. If I’d had a bad Pen in my first experiment, all of these would still fire. If the heat had indeed caused the problem, then the jammed EpiPen phenomenon would be repeatable.

The maximum temperature I recorded in my car during this experiment was 195.4 degrees. Many days got to at least 180 degrees. That is pretty extreme heat for an EpiPen!

Let me tell you, the results were astounding!

Read the astounding results on our main blog site here!

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