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WW: Living with Food Allergies -- Food-free Entertainment

Denise at The Butterfly Place in Westford, Massachusetts
Denise at The Butterfly Place in Westford, Massachusetts

More Life With Food Allergies! You've been holding your breath in anticipation, haven't you?

This week, we're planning to discuss things you can do with your significant other or your friends or even your family that do not revolve around food. I know, it sounds crazy that food would be so central to socializing, and it does not seem that way until you can no longer easily eat anything anywhere.

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As I said in the past post, I've found someone who thinks that finding things to do that don't involve food is actually kind of a fun challenge. While our first date was a rather traditional dinner out, we've followed that with a rather eclectic collection of events that have, for the most part, been free. Many of them are somewhat educational, which I find interesting, and they usually provide good fodder for conversation afterwards. Stand-by -- I'm going to start waving my nerd flag high and proud.

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