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Food Allergy Education Using Role Playing

Food Allergy Education Using Role Playing
With a little guidance and imagination, you can help your child to understand his or her food allergies. When your child feels left out of a social situation or unhappy about an experience at school, what should you do to help? How can you help them to understand that their peanut allergy is something they can manage?

First and foremost, provide an atmosphere of understanding. Help them to feel comfortable in coming to you to share their concerns about their food allergy experience. One very productive way to accomplish this is through role playing. Your child will feel better prepared if you role play and rehearse with them. It helps them to know the language to use for common situations that may arise, such as when a friend asks them about their allergies or when someone offers them food in a social situation. Food allergy education using role playing will assist your child in responding better to real life situations involving food. 

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