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The Gift of Oral Immunotherapy in the Words of Thankful Patients and Parents

The Gift of Oral Immunotherapy in the Words of Thankful Patients and Parents
More than 80% of the Dallas Food Allergy Center patients who have been treated with Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) can now safely consume foods that once threatened their health. The life-changing results experienced by successful OIT patients, has given both parents and children new hope and inspiration. We were recently featured in D Magazine's article on food allergies and oral immunotherapy.

Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) can provide a long-term solution for, peanut, milk, egg, tree nut and wheat allergic patients. It usually takes less than 6 months, and at the end of the program, most patients with these food allergies are free to consume the foods whenever they want. 

What better time to share some of these uplifting stories than during this Thanksgiving holiday. Here’s what our patients and their parents are saying:

“Fun, freedom and peace of mind! Words can’t express how relieved we feel about our kids being able to eat whatever they want. We don’t have to have the dreaded discussions with family members and friends about why the kids can’t eat what they made or are serving. We don’t have to try to educate people about reading labels and how to use the EpiPen®. Kids can enjoy holiday parties at school, partake in bake sales, cookie walks, treats after church. Kids can make cookies processed in a facility with nuts for Santa. : ) Thanks, Dallas Allergy!”     – Jacque & Kirt

We no longer worry about checking labels or bringing our own food to holiday events. Camden is able to eat any items she wants without worry!”  – Natasha

“Milk desensitization changed not only my daughter’s life, but mine as well. As a nurse practitioner, I am skilled at recognizing allergic reactions. However, nothing prepares you for having to administer a shot to your own child during an emergency situation. As Olivia grew older it became harder to watch her give herself a shot. Two years later, she is still discovering new foods she had never been able to eat before. Last week, she had her first taste of a Hershey Chocolate bar.

We thank the staff and doctors at Dallas Allergy Immunology for this therapy – it has truly changed our lives!” – Jen K

“Absolutely life changing and we have not even finished peanut OIT yet! Not having to constantly worry about people eating peanuts around us and not have to constantly wipe hands, shopping cart handles and more … definitely a bright future ahead!”   – Hilary B

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