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10 Curse Words not to Say to an Allergic Foodie

10 Curse Words not to Say to an Allergic Foodie
I was made aware by Christy Cushing that May 10-16, 2015 is Allergy Awareness Week, and how else would I want to celebrate it, but with some sarcasm of course. As you all know, when you have a food allergy you become a custom to the insensitivity of people’s words. It is especially awkward when confronting the non-allergic person;  you never know what can come out of their mouth. That is when you become immune to “said” words. But today, I have had enough. It is time that these common folk know how to treat an allergic foodie with respect. So this continues the Allergy Etiquette Series10 Curse Words not to Say to an Allergic Foodie. I am not talking to the allergic people, I am talking to everyone else.

Are you guys reading this like I am shouting through the screen? I know I am.

I was talking to Miss Diagnoses a while back about annoyances that we both could relate too, and can I tell you the conversation took an hour. I guess we just needed to let it out on someone who understands. So, I have been meaning to write this post for a while now but as my OCD (not diagnosed) goes, things need to go in order. I believe that all of these offenses may or may not be somewhere else, but for future reference I am not the only one who has spoken out: Mom.meHealthlineThe Stir, Glutey Girl in the Tron, and even Buzz Feed.

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