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This Valentine's Day, Choose Yourself Even with Allergies

This Valentine's Day, Choose Yourself Even with Allergies

Surrounding photo's from the Gloment

Are we astonished about the consistency of my posts? Well, I am! Hold on when I give myself a pat on the back. In the meantime, watch and learn more about the "10 Questions that will Change your life" 

I think my back is sort of sore from a 3 minute "pat."

 But in all seriousness, Valentine's Day is a day of Love and why not give yourself a minute to be mindful of what you would like more for yourself. Your inner works, What makes you, you and what you live for. In this progressive and busy life, we need to renew our soul in a way of what we want out of life. That's why this Valentine's Day choose yourself even with allergies.



The Gloment is a startup in Berlin. In the picture, there is Sarah, Luisa and Ronja who are pretty passionate about self-development and finding your mission. Over the years, their passion is to help people achieve their dreams grew even more. Their posters are beautiful reminders to focus on your dreams and start working on them. Dream create do is our mantra.

 Before telling you about what I chose to put in my poster, let's admire its glory.







If you would like a Vision poster, love poster or anything else the Gloment can offer here is an affiliate link to get you 10% your poster. Discount Code: "happy-nickelychallenged" Because you are worth it.


I thought it was appropriate to do a youtube video because I had so much to explain. Also, it's very lengthy so get a bottle of water. I think I made an episode or something. Barbara, who do you think you are?


This last year, I have discovered even more things I should mourn because people but allergens next to me which made me need to remove things from my life. This made me feel like I have no control over my life and it literally led me in a bit of a depression and anxiety. I literally have days gone by that I say "what is the point anymore, if I don't cheat" or "anything" I am still gonna be sick because I live with smokers that know I am allergic. What is the point. And when the Gloment reached out to me, it made me wake up to what I wanted in my life and how much I needed a loving and supportive environment when it came to my allergies. It also made me understand that just being in that situation was really disrupting my mental and physical health. Because in all, someone has control of how you will deal with the day and well that is the hardest thing you can deal with. You watch yourself minimize your food then get allergic to fabric dyes. And no matter what you did, you got nerve pains, dizzy spells and chronic fatigue. But in all, I believe that when you have allergies they treat you like you are "guilty before you are proven innocent" meaning you are lying until you have a reaction. The reason I know this is because it's happened more times than most. Even with my family members where they were like you were right? Umm ... "Well, I am glad I was your science experiment for you to figure that out." Arg! Life! But the Gloment came in a time in my life that I needed a wake-up call and I have definitely made some changes in my life.

Till next time, This Valentine's Day Choose Yourself Even with Allergies



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