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Keeping Allergens in the House

Keeping Allergens in the House

When someone you love is diagnosed with a food allergy, that diagnosis sets you off along a huge learning curve. (I typo’d that with “learning curse” first. Freudian?)

There’s learning how to read an ingredient label, discovering just how many foods contain the allergen, learning about cross contact, figuring out how to substitute the allergen when it’s an integral part of cooking, figuring out how to substitute nutrients when it’s an integral source of them, learning to navigate restaurants, learning to navigate playdates and other social situations, finding safe schools or daycares, training family members…. the list goes on and on.

One decision you have to make is whether to purge your house of all allergenic foods, or keep them in the house for the non-allergic to consume.

This can be the subject of heated debate. On one side of the coin, many will say that their loved one deserves one safe haven to retreat to, where there is absolutely no threat at all of having an allergic reaction. On the other side of the coin are those who profess that with proper caution, allergenic foods can still be kept around without compromising safety.

The side of the coin that you fall on is entirely based on your preference and comfort level, and whether there is concern that your loved one is airborne-reactive. It is a uniquely personal decision. There is no wrong answer to the question.

We do keep allergens in our house.

This began before the boys were born–I’ve never told hubby that I forbid him to bring in nuts. What I do expect is that he . . .

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