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  • Quick and Easy Leftover Jam Free-From Cobbler

    One of my favorite fall treats has always been my mom's apple crisp. In addition to being delicious, it was easy to change it to dairy free, and then again to wheat free. I miss it a lot during the rest of the year. As sick as I am of oats sometimes,
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  • Truffle Treats for Your Valentine

    I'm bringing back some Valentine's treats from 2016---either as is or as inspiration with a few recent #freefromfridays #customeater posts from this week, most notably these awesome chocolate hearts from Cherished by Me:
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  • Vegan & Gluten-Free Peppermint Quick Bread

    Finding out right before the winter holidays that my family is not only essentially vegan but also gluten-free because of allergies put a bit of a kink on my holiday baking plans. I experimented, trashed, explored purchased options, and mourned newly
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  • Wheat-Free Oat and Almond Pancakes

    Adapted from a vegan recipe in 2012 by Dana Slatkin, my first attempt at a wheat-free hot breakfast relied on Bob's GF oat flour, psyllium instead of gums, and cornstarch (or any powdered starch). Now the entire family is eating them with me!
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  • Easy Berry Freezer Jam

    Do you love berry picking in the summertime? My girls and I do, and, now that they're older, we come home with more berries than I ever expect. Not a bad problem! Deciding what to do with all that fresh goodness in a timely manner can be tricky, thou
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  • Strawberry Quick Bread

    After I picked over $60 worth of fresh strawberries, I had to find ways to use at least most of them (I could only fit so many in the freezer!). It's been so rainy this month, and I love a good cup of tea and a slice of quick bread, so strawberry qui
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  • Key-Lime Blondie Bars

    A recent phone conversation with my brother: Me: "So, I have to go; I'm putting key lime bars in the oven." Him: "What are those?" Me: "They're like key lime pie but without the eggs." Him: "So you're still not eating that stuff, huh?" Me: "Yep." Him
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  • Holiday Overnight Monkey Bread

    Every Thanksgiving, my kids wake us up and I turn on the oven to finish the cinnamon roll bread I started the night before. It became a tradition in our house quickly and has morphed into a favorite holiday breakfast treat. But it actually started as
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  • Vegan Berry Coffee Cake

    I have a hard time following a recipe in the kitchen. That's doesn't make me a stupendous baker, but it is hard to mess up this simple of a recipe. This berry coffee cake takes just 5 minutes to pull together (and is probably even faster in the sourc
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  • Oatmeal Breakfast Loaf: A Hearty Treat for Wintry Days

    A year ago on this sunny, near-70-degree day in the DC metro area, we were on an endless string of school snow days. This year, I’m making lemonade and cookies; last year, I was baking satisfyingly thick oatmeal bread to eat, still warm and (vegan-)
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  • Vegan Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts

    In August, I had open heart surgery to replace a faulty aortic valve, and I won't say that the fall and winter were easy. But I've been so lucky, so well cared for, and so healthy since surgery and throughout rehab that staying away from my oven was
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