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janie gets HEALTHY


I wanted to introduce to all of you my new series called janie gets HEALTHY. My goal is to get healthy and find balance and I will be chronicling all of this on a weekly basis. The introduction post is below. This week I will be posting about routine, daily tasks, food, and why I am not weighing myself. If any of you have any adivce let me know. I am striving for healthy and of course always gluten free!


This new feature is one of my goals that I have made through evolve for life. My goal is to become healthy. My concern for my health is not only about my weight but also about the rate of me getting sick all the time with little colds due to allergies, lack of sleep, etc. I also have concern for my emotional well-being and know that I must start being loving and kind to myself. 

I do not care about social conventions or other things that have hindered my health in the past. I am fed up trying to live up to unrealistic expectations that I impose on myself or by others. I am tired of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, etc. Enough is enough. I'm done. I'm tired of all of it and I just want to change. I want pure positive change.


My Goals

  • To be healthy
    • To lose weight for my health and not for social conventions or anyone else but myself. 
    • To gain balance through maintaining a healthy balance of daily activities.
    • To live a positive life.



  • Initially 30 days to establish a new routine. 
  • Reflect/evaluate as I go along in order to make sure I am not pushing myself to the extreme. I will adjust if it is needed. 
  • My goal is to keep this up for life in order to keep living a happy and healthy life.

Reminders for Myself

  • No weigh ins.
  • This will take time.  
  • Be flexible.
  • Adjust, if needed.
  • Don't become easily frustrated and give up. Keep going and it'll all be worth it.
  • Block out the haterade. 
I am a little nervous about this change but I know it will be all worth it in the end. I am going to do the best I can without giving in to the negative. Posts on Routine, Daily Tasks, Food, and No Weigh Ins coming this week. So here we go! Onto better health!

Remember that you are responsible for you. Read the full disclaimer.

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