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In the Restaurant

A few nights ago I was packing up in the main kitchen (which is down the hall from the restaurant kitchen) and going to slip out early when the phone rang.  It was the Marsh Tavern (our main dining hall) kitchen, telling me that a woman just sat down and handed them a list of food restrictions. 

I let out a big "yeah," grabbed my purple cutting board (special for people with food allergies) and trotted down the hall. I went out and did my usual thing, walking her through the menu and what would work for her eating needs.  I think it was when I brought her a salad that I gave her a photo copied version of Cheryl's freedible businesses card and gave a brief explanation. 

At some point the customer said something like, "I knew this was my restaurant."  She also gave me a look as if to say "why are you doing all this just for me?"  It was when I received that look that I told her this was one of my favorite things to do, and I knew my work for the day was done.

I think its funny that I have become so into helping guests with food restrictions and enjoy it so much. I always have been pretty good at it but really try to step it up now.  So for that I thank Cheryl, freedible's founder, and I bet she would as well.