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My New Normal With Food Allergies

My New Normal With Food Allergies
When I was in 3rd grade (many years ago), I had lots of stomach issues and was very thin and losing weight.  The pediatrician told my parents I had to eat more and prescribed a milk based, high calorie drink 2x a day.  I was getting sicker taking it and my parents literally held me down and poured  it down my throat. I continued to get sicker and finally they stopped giving it to me. The dr. diagnosed me as lactose intolerant and said to eat dairy as tolerated because I would need the calcium. 

I never felt well and tried to limit dairy intake. Then in 2010 my constant stomach problems including bloating, constipation, and gas to name a few got worse and worse. I was having lots of post-nasal drip , skin issues, and  my face blew up.  There were times my eyes were so swollen I could barely open them.  I looked like a Halloween mask! 

Thinking I had something wrong  with my eyes I saw my ophthalmologist who took one look at me and said you have a food allergy and need to be tested right away.  Come to find out among other non-food allergies I am also allergic to lamb and dairy, milk  based products.  

I immediately cut dairy out of my diet and life dramatically improved.  Cutting out dairy was not easy though since I learned dairy is hidden everywhere and used as fillers in so many foods and medications. I have become diligent and even obsessed with reading labels and searching out products that are dairy free. I stopped eating meat after learning about the dairy, antibiotics, and hormones fed to animals and the harsh conditions the animals live under.  I say I am 90% vegan because on occasion I do eat fish.

If you are allergic to dairy or limiting your dairy intake this website and blog is for you.  If you have other food allergies this website and blog is for you. If you want to enjoy a healthy life through good food, exercise, and healthy activities, this website and blog is for you.  Look for my product and restaurant reviews, recipes, educational articles and share your knowledge so we can navigate life with food allergies together!

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