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New TeeChia Packaging & Sweetness

New TeeChia Packaging & Sweetness

I’m happy to announce that after a year of testing TeeChia by serving it to thousands of people at events and selling it in a selection of local Whole Foods and independent natural food stores, we are finally launching TeeChia into distribution in the natural foods marketplace in April. First, we’re rolling it out to the western half of the U.S. By the fall, it will also be available in the East. Please request TeeChia at your favorite natural food store to help us get it on the shelf!

We learned so much from everyone’s responses as well as from the reality of selling TeeChia on the retail shelf. Here’s what we discovered that guided our development of TeeChia’s beautiful new package design and new sweeter flavor:

  • Sustained Energy Cereal:  Glycemic testing at an independent laboratory using human subjects supported our claim that the nutrients in TeeChia would sustain energy all morning long due to its high soluble fiber content. Blood tests revealed that TeeChia’s carbohydrates, proteins and fats are slowly released so that blood sugar remains stable for hours after consuming a single serving of TeeChia.additions
  • Many ways to eat TeeChia: People enjoy TeeChia in a variety of preferences. Some like it hot, some like it cold. Adding it to smoothies appeals to many while others eat TeeChia like a normal bowl of cereal with milk.Those who miss the “crunch” factor, blend it with their favorite flakes or granola. Some just stir it into their yogurt. Our new packaging features the myriad of ways to enjoy TeeChia via the colorful photos on the front of the bag.
  • Sweeter please: I listened to many people saying they wanted TeeChia to naturally taste sweeter but without any sugar added. By working purely with dates and fruit, I was able to sweeten TeeChia without raising the natural sugars content. I’d love to hear how you enjoy the new TeeChia if you ate it before and wanted it sweeter!
  • Lower retail price: We all want to pay less yet we want to get significant quantities of nutrients that will sustain our good health. TeeChia’s six organic super seeds comprise approximately 50% of a serving and the nutritional data reveals how nutrient dense it truly is. Other cereal brands are claiming to have these ingredients in them too, but they have a much cheaper retail price. For instance, they might claim to have chia seeds, but you don’t see any data for omega-3 fatty acids on the label. Why not? Because these brands are appealing to consumer demand for super food ingredients but adding them in such small quantities that they won’t provide significant nutritional benefits. It allows them to sell at a low price but all you’re really eating is the same old rice, corn or oats with sugar and a dusting of super foods. For TeeChia, we lowered the price as far as we can while still delivering the nutrients you need for optimal health. TeeChia should retail for $8.99, which is $1.50 per serving. Much less than thousands spend daily on a cup of…coffee!
  • More varieties please: New flavors are in the works. How does Vanilla Coconut sound? Mango Cashew? How many people want plain without any fruit or other flavors in it? Let me know what you’d like as I’m busy in the kitchen creating new versions of TeeChia and I’d love your input to guide me!


  • Eating TeeChia on-the-go:  Single serve pouches are going into distribution too. Traveling with the pouches is so easy as they fit perfectly in a purse, briefcase, or backpack. In hotels, at the gym or at work, you can simply add water and eat TeeChia whenever and wherever you want. Order the pouches on in bulk for your next trip or to have them handy when the need arises.

Nurturing a new product into becoming a brand that meets the needs of potential customers takes receptivity, ability to learn and revise, and lots of creative thinking “outside the box”. This last year has taught us many valuable lessons as we got to know TeeChia and what everyone wants from a healthy breakfast cereal. I hope you’ll take our advise and eat a bowl of TeeChia for 6 days in a row to see the difference it will make to your energy and the rest of your day!