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Andalou Naturals Conditioner in Sunflower & Citrus

Andalou Naturals Conditioner in Sunflower & Citrus

Overall Rating: 10                         

Smell: Wonderful! Smelled like fresh citrus  Quantity: 11.5 fl oz

Texture: Smooth & soft                                   Price: Varies by store

Today I am featuring Andalou Naturals – Conditioner in Sunflower & Citrus for my product review.

I am one of those Celiacs who need to use gluten-free hair products, as I am highly sensitive. As described in previous posts, my scalp will break out in sores and blisters if exposed to gluten or any form of hydrolyzed wheat protein. This is one aspect of Celiac Disease that no one bothered to explain to me when I was diagnosed; I figured this one out the painful way.

I began using Andalou Natural Conditioner in November of 2013. This 11.5 fl oz bottle lasted me up until the end of March, as I have short hair & generally only condition my ends. After enduring the nasty smell of the last gluten-free conditioner I bought, my husband was quick to comment on how great this conditioner smelled. I was pleased with the scent as well.

Andalou Naturals conditioner was rich, thick & creamy. It didn’t leave my hair overly conditioned (i.e. oily and weighted down) but rather left my hair soft & shiny.

I am pleased to say that I will be buying this product again and I would recommend it to anyone, Celiac or not!

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