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Food Should Taste Good – Natural Chips

Food Should Taste Good – Natural Chips
One of the things I love about being gluten free is getting to try so many new products! As awareness grows, so do our food options, and for anyone who was diagnosed before gluten free became a common household topic, you understand how important that is! As an added bonus, Food Should Taste Good is committed to only using Non-GMO ingredients while being Gluten Free & Kosher (and many flavors are also certified Vegan).

I received a goody box in the mail from Food Should Taste Good. Within it contained 4 bags of their specialty chips:

  • Kettle Corn (tortilla)
  • Salt & Pepper (kettle cooked)
  • Barbeque (kettle cooked)
  • Salt & Vinegar (kettle cooked)
Food Should Taste Good (FSTG)
Food Should Taste Good (FSTG)

Understand that the kettle cooked chips are made from sweet potatoes, thus giving them a hint of sweetness alone, without any added flavorings, unlike your regular potato chip.

My favorite by far was the Kettle Cooked Tortilla chips! I used these as a dipping chip for my tuna salad and the combination of salty and sweet was spot on!

Food Should Taste Good Kettle Corn

My son, Anderson, is now 15 months old but he loved the Barbeque flavor FSTG chips. I liked them as well, just not as well as the Kettle Corn.

Food Should Taste Good Barbeque Sweet Potato

The last two flavors, I personally thought were just ok. My kids ate them without question, as did my husband. The Salt & Vinegar could’ve used a little more vinegar (I thought), while the Salt & Pepper didn’t have much of either on it.

Now I have eaten other flavors before from FSTG, such as their Blue Corn, Jalepeno, Olive & Multigrain, and I loved all of them. Since all of those are from the tortilla group, I’m thinking I may just not be a fan of the sweet potato chips.

Food Should Taste Good JalapeñoFood Should Taste Good Blue Corn

Thank you to FSTG’s Stacy for allowing me to review their various products! If you’re interested in learning more, entering sweepstakes or recipes, please connect with them via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook! And now it’s official, you’ve been chipped! lol


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