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Gluten Free Sourdough: If I Blow My Budget on Anything...

Gluten Free Sourdough: If I Blow My Budget on Anything...

This is one I've been sitting on ages because I want to write the perfect post. Purpose, an attitude of service, product: Each is bundled peerlessly into Sharon'sGluten Free Sourdough. How can I fit it all in? Her gentle approach to healing the gut, tied to her bread and baked goods products, and her diligence and commitment to quality and service make a package deal of the best gluten-free baked goods I've ever tried.

First though, I never thought I would eat sourdough I liked. I never, never, never thought I'd eat sourdough post-Celiac diagnosis.  Really, I never thought I'd eat English Muffins (or crumpets) again post-celiac.

But Sharon created cookies, ginger and chocolate breads, sourdough loaves, and English muffins that I love. They'remad-good, developed painstakingly to get just the right texture. They balancesour with sweet, and don't sacrifice nutrition for flavour. They're based on ancient grains (teff particularly). Best of all, they match the Tumbling Gluten Free simplicity of whole foods, naturally gluten free.

Her ingredient list could be printed on the back of your hand, with room to doodle. Teff flour, sourdough culture, salt, etc. No additives. All food.

While it's brilliant to think I can eat almost anything now, even gluten-free, I find I'm more aware of what tastes good while still nourishing me since my diagnosis. My gut needs extra care after being ravaged by Celiac. I don't have to toss anything in it. In fact, I can eat what pleases without overeating, abusing, or straining my body.

Not hey whatever I wants so deal with it! That's a weird attitude about food just as much as restrictive self-harming perfection in eating is weird.

Somehow, Sharon demonstrates the beautiful balance of good food, delicious food, and just enough food. Pleasing food without gorge-yourself-on-food. You know, it's the difference between spoiling a kid and loving a kid.

Her muffins come in 4 varieties, all stellar.

She small-batch dehydrates the bloody best Coconut-Almond Power Cookies on earth.

The amazing power-cookies: raw,
maple-syrup sweetened, brilliant

She makes sweet breads, like Ginger and Chocolate, and she bakes all by hand locally in Ashland, MA.

She healed her gut with good bugs --- the good bugs that make her breads both more digestible and delicious. She healed her head of the disturbing distortion of deprivation -- the lie that I won't ever eat what I like or that likes me again that many of us with food intolerances and Celiac slip into. She's healing a community, I think, by offering both her cookbooks, and her products, to the celiac peeps at large.

And it was healing to sit and chat with her this Fall, to eat her food while being nourished by her inspiring story.

If I recommend any product this year, it's Gluten Free Sourdough Company -- any and all of  Sharon's baked goods. If I recommend half a dozen this year, Sharon's Sourdough will still be tops.

If I blow rather over-my-budget funds on any foodstuffs this year, it will be on her Ivory Teff English Muffins...which I will eat with homemade baked apple butter and cinnamon and a plateful of local fresh eggs.

Buy a bucketload, here. You'll never get whole foods more naturally gluten free or more naturally good in a baked anything.  You'll never feel more treated.  And your tastebuds and your guts will be pleased as Punch.

all organic
* locally made, often locally sourced
* fermented, and highly digestible
* wonderfully textured
* great-tasting
* small-batched home-baked
* well-priced for the quality
* did I mention local, organic, and totally unique?

You can order online at Gluten Free Sourdough Company, or if you're local like me, email or call Sharon to stop by, save on postage, and pick up a few carloads. I've been recommending my clients and the New England Celiac Organization take a hike to Ashland... I hope they do. You can also try her latest product, just developed:  GRAIN FREE COCONUT BREAD. (ingredients: Filtered water, coconut flour, coconut oil, GFSDco Kombucha Vinegar (Gluten-Free Sourdough Company's own caffeine-free kombucha vinegar), arrowroot flour, chia seed, psyllium seed , maple syrup, sea salt, potassium bicarbonate (a sodium-free mineral leavener).


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