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Cookbook Review – Allergen-Free Desserts to Delight

Cookbook Review – Allergen-Free Desserts to Delight

Introducing the allergy-friendly cookbook Allergen-Free Desserts to Delight Your Taste Buds by Amanda Orlando!

I have had this great cookbook in my possession for far too long, and it’s time to let it shine!

Written by Amanda Orlando (known as Amanda’s Recipes on social media) this book takes you through many categories of tasty desserts! The primary focus of the book is dairy and nut free recipes, as those are the author’s primary allergies (dairy, nuts, peanuts, legumes, and high concentrations of soy.) However, many recipes omit other major allergens as well, and Amanda conveniently lists “free from” information at the start of every recipe.

After taking one look at the cover, our son Zax declared that he wanted to make the Vanilla Cake Balls on page 53. So . . .

Read the full review here!

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