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Picture Books About Celiac Disease

Picture Books About Celiac Disease

Last month, hubby and I sponsored the Kids Zone for the Incredible Edible Gluten Free Food Fair! One of the activities we did was an hourly story time. We wanted to keep the stories poignant, so I spent a day driving all over to various local libraries, collecting picture books on celiac. (It’s funny that all of these libraries have interlibrary loan programs, but they don’t all pull from the same pool.)

Fortunately, my efforts paid off, and I ended up with a collection of books large enough that I could pick and choose my favorites for the fair. I typically had a small but attentive audience every hour, and it was a fun way to interact with the kids.

In addition, I’ve decided to summarize the books I found for all of you. If you’re in the market for children’s books about celiac disease, I’ll bet one of these will fit the bill!

There are two categories of books here: those that explain celiac disease in children’s terms, and those that tell a story around (and usually involving) a child’s diagnosis or known celiac. From a storytelling perspective, I preferred the latter, but if I were a parent looking to explain a new diagnosis to my child, the explanation books would be perfect!

I reviewed nine books in all so take a look!

Click here to read the reviews of all the books I looked at!

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