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Share your recipes & blog posts in our searchable, community-wide collections

Be featured in our community with one of our new Premium Memberships

Take the spotlight for your products when you upgrade to our new Emerging Brand level

We'll feature your brand in up to 5 of our "Dibles:" mini freedibles bringing together recipes, tips, authors and brands for a particular diet, health or lifestyle topic. And we'll add your brand to our Emerging Brands showcase on our community page.

As an Emerging Brand you'll also be able to post unlimited product giveaways in our new Giveaways Center with a question designed to start the conversation with our influencers and consumers.

Price: $2500 per year

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Upgrade to add a Sponsored Cookbook for your products & help your biggest fans market your products for you!

Empower your biggest fans to share with one another how they're using your products when you upgrade your account to add a Sponsored Cookbook!

We'll create a custom landing page within our crowd-sourced cookbook that automatically streams all the recipes our members share for your products. We'll add our custom recipe filter, to create filtered, powerful endorsements for your products that free-from consumers can trust.

The best part? All the while you'll be meeting new brand champions through the content they're already creating for your products!

Introductory Price: $6500 per year

Join the conversation with a turn-key sponsorship in one of our consumer-first digital media campaigns

Take a turn-key sponsorship in an upcoming campaign on freedible and across digital media to step into the conversations your consumers care about most! Each campaign is a curated conversation built on the content our members have shared and tailored to bring specialty diet consumers together through the passion points they hold in common.

Create your free brand account to find out about these and other sponsorship opportunities in an upcoming freedible campaign, or contact us to create a custom campaign to support your brand or products!

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Join a Promoted Product Giveaways Event

Empower custom eaters - with food they can eat! Join with other great free-from brands, cookbook authors and organizations by joining a community-wide giveaway event to raise awareness while empowering your core customer!

Price: Starting at $150

Curate a Showcase of our Bloggers Recipes & Tips

Introduce yourself to our influencers by promoting their work! Select up to 15 blog posts or recipes from our collections on a theme of your choice & we'll showcase them as part of our campaign - with your brand in the center of the conversation!

Price: Starting at $500, depending on size and duration of the collection

Contact us for pricing information, and to find out about how we can create a custom campaign or event for your brand!

Be a Prize Sponsor for our community-wide Twitter Party

We'll throw the party, you bring the food! Offer up to 3 product prizes of your choice at a freedible-hosted, lively conversation on a topic custom eaters care about. As many as 1600 tweets & 3.2M impressions in 1 hour!

Price: Ranges from $250 for a single prize to $1500 for a custom event

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Share your recipes & blog posts to our community-wide collections, where users can filter by their diet needs.

Free with your brand profile, you can post your recipes & tips into our searchable, community-wide collections, & our platform will automatically add them to all the diet, health & lifestyle "Dibles," and special features where they're relevant - today and whenever the topic might come up!

Better still, when you add your recipes into our community-wide cookbook, we automatically make them fully-searchable, so our users can discover your products through the recipes they need to make dinner - what better way to make an introduction?

You just post it once - we take care of the rest!

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Our mission is simple:
To empower your most loyal consumers.

CViirand market 350As many as 1 in 3 U.S. households follows a modified diet - that's too big a piece of the market for your to ignore!

These consumers can be hard to reach, but they're unusually loyal, because when "custom eaters" find a product they can eat, they stick with it!

I created freedible shortly after discovering the food intolerances plaguing myself and my kids. We were transformed, simply by changing our family's diet - but it had been anything but simple to do it.

Since the day we started, empowering others to take charge of their own health outccomes by following the diet their body needs has been our compass in every decision that we've made.

It's been the reason we support food bloggers and brands: because what custom eaters need most is more food that more of us can eat.

It's a mission you can trust, and a movement your consumers will be glad to see you join.

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